Appartment building

Program: Residential
Site: Dr. Marinescu Street, Brasov
Timing: 2011 - 2013
Client: Tigau Cornelia
Status: Built
Site area: 770 sqm
Built area: 1.235 sqm
Team: Nicolae Taric, Bogdan Lupescu
Collaborators: s.c. Steel Design s.r.l. (structura), s.c. Proing s.r.l. (instalatii)

 The construction site is situated in Brasov (dr. I. Marinescu street) near the CETATUIA hill in a residential area with different tipes of buildings (with one or more apartments).
 The building (which contains 13 flats with 1 to 4 rooms) is placed on a architectural reservation area in the urban space named "Blumana - hill fortress".
  Designed with an unusual configuration, with a common base untill the first floor and then two different parts ("as two houses"- from the second floor and penthouse) we tried to accord it with the existent character of the area where generaly the houses have a rectangular plan which approaches to square. Because of those, we chosed an architectural style as much neutral possible, modern, but also containing interbelic elements which can be found in other apropiate buildings design.

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