PRO-DD Research Centre Transilvania University Campus

Program: Culture and education
Site: Brasov North
Timing: (design) 2009 (realization) 2009 - 2012
Client: Transilvania University of Brasov
Status: Built
Built area: 20.000 sqm
Team: Nicolae Taric, Roxana Clipea, Lorand Bartha, Alexandra Rotar, Stefan Olah, Deea Mihaltan

This Laboratories are part of a larger project of Transylvania University and will complete implementation of a campus building complex for education, housing, recreational facilities, etc. The project, started in 2008 had the first step realization of a Masterplan for the land of about 20 ha. designated for the future campus. The building consists of twelve volumes (basement, ground and first floor), identical, located on one side and the other, along a closed circulation, continue, under which is located a technical basement serving the whole assembly. This created a body of about six-laboratory buildings on each side. In the center, connecting the body expands, there is a large reception room, which actually contains the public functions of the institute (information point, cafe, food, etc.).
The Institute was designed as an example of low-energy building, which incorporates alternative energy sources - one of the research areas of Transylvania University (solar panels, geothermal energy - heat pumps).

In July 2012 the project was presented in IMPULS magazine no.11 edited by Alukonigstahl. In October, our project was nominated at BNAB 2012.

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