K-Pass House

Program: Residential
Timing: 2017
Client: Kronospan Foundation
Status: Competition
Site area: S sit
Built area: 168 sqm
Team: arch. Mara Pachide-Taric, arch. Deea Ursachi, arch. Bogdan Lupescu, arch. Ionut Ariton, stud. arch. Andrei Moraru
Awards: Nomination - "Wood Reinvented" architecture and design competition

K – PASS is a passive house concept build up mostly with wood products and passive systems. The element that makes the building unique is the integrated greenhouse helping the house to gain easily, ventilation and heat with small help from technology. The concept is starting from a minimum combination of 3 different volumes: A,B,C, later on being able to expand according to the number of the inhabitants.

K – PASS HOUSE is build up with products from Kronobuild and Kronodesign. These products are making the building thermal bridge free and the U-value of the envelope fits with the requirements from a passive house.

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