All professionals from the discipline of architecture or design, we work together in creating challenging but also cost efficient designs that reflect the needs and aspirations of the client combined with our ideas regarding functionality, sustainability and culture. Our goal is to deliver a complete and high standard project by permanently working with and advising our clients and by using up to date technology.

Our team and its members regularly take part in design competitions as well as in cultural projects that promote quality architecture and heritage conservation.


Our team

arch. Bogdan Lupescu  - UAUIM, Bucuresti, 2002
arch. Deea Ursachi - FAU - UTCN, Cluj-Napoca, 2010
arch. Mara Stefana Pachide-Taric - UAUIM, Bucuresti, 2010
arch. Ionut Ariton - UT “Gheorghe Asachi”, Iasi, 2008
arch. stg. Ana Margaritescu - UAUIM, Bucuresti, 2013
techarch. Elisabeta Gunther - Unirea Theoretic Highschool, Brasov, 1978


Former staff members

arch. Lorand Bartha
tech.arch. Stefan Olah
arch. Roxana Clipea
arch. Alexandra Rotar
ing. Ioana Petriu
arch. Bogdan Cristescu
ing. Mioara Vasiliu
ing.arch. Diana Tucunel
arch. Diana Pena      
ing. Lavinia Ciupitu
arch. Mircea Mera
Crina Borcan

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